Gurkha Khukuri Combat Knife with Scabbard


Gurkha Khukuri Combat Knife with Scabbard

Product Description

The Kukri (Khukuri) knife, legendary close combat weapon of the Gurkha regiments, is to this day standard military issue. Gurkha soldiers joined the British Army after 1815 and after in dependence in 1947 they joined the Indian Army.

The Khukuri has been used in all major battles in which the Gurkha regiments have served.

This modern khukuri was produced to Indian armed forces specifications.  The blade includes a notch symbolizing the trident of Shiva, the war god.  The full-tang and blade is engraved polished steel.  The handle is made of traditional buffalo horn with a silver plated butt plate and trim.  Although it is a formidable weapon it can also be utilized as an ideal general outdoor tool.

Overall measurement: 41cms

Blade measurement: 30cms


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