Walther P38 circa 1944 9mm Semi Auto Pistol


Walther P38 circa 1944 9mm Semi Auto Pistol

Product Description

An exceptional Walther P38 circa 1944 9mm Semi Auto Pistol. This pistol is in near mint mint condition. The barrel bore is excellent, bright with sharp rifling.  Clear WAFFENAMT acceptance stamps to frame, slide and barrel with sharp profiles and clear markings. 98% original blue/black metal finish remains. Very good grips, complete with two magazines. All serial numbers matching.


This particular P38 was removed and taken from a UBoat officer when it was forced to the surface by a US Destroyer during the later part of the war in the Pacific in 1944. His initials are engraved into the base of each magazine.

A very nice unique pistol.


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