Welcome to Guns N’ Weapons. This is our On-Line store and we keep our website as current as possible. All of our items are available as advertised, we do not maintain an active retail store but an appointment can be made to view any of our merchandise.

We buy and sell all types of arms from guns, bayonets and swords. We also offer restoring facilities to bring your firearm back to an original condition. Selling on consignment is just another option we offer if you are in the market to sell your firearm or antique collectable.

Services provided:

  • National Firearms Brokerage – Brokerage is provided for all your National requirements. Through our National Network we are able to find and arrange to obtain most any particular weapon of choice. We can also liaise with Interstate sellers and dealers to act as your local nominated broker in any and all purchases and transfers.
  • International Brokerage – Brokerage and assistance facilities can be provided for your International requirements including shipping.
  • New Guns – Guns N’ Weapons have suppliers, distributors and associates spread throughout Australia so we are able to offer and supply a large range of current and new firearms.
  • Transfers – Both Interstate and local transfers together with assistance with obtaining Temporary Permits for firearms can be also accommodated.
  • Firearm Storage – Short and long term storage facilities are available 24/7.
  • Firearm Licencing – We provide Serviceability and Awareness Certificates to include with your licence application submissions.
  • Firearm Purchases – Our team can provide specialized assessing service to value firearms considered for sale. We will consider the purchase of any good collections, piece of militaria or single firearm item offered for sale.
  • Firearm Appraisal   We can a professional evaluations on any firearm or collectable. A fee is usually charged but if we are purchase the firearm this is normally waived. 
  • Restoration – Restoring your treasured firearm can be important to bring it to life or just to prevent any further deterioration that many of these relics have endured for a 100 years or more. We can repair and restore stocks and treat and finish metal work including vintage Luger P08 Pistols as they were done originally. Please contact us for an appraisal.
  • Selling on Consignment – For gun owners who are in the market to sell a firearm but would prefer a team of professionals to take the hassle out of the process, this could suit you. Consignments are welcome, although sometimes it is easier for us to simply purchase your firearm or item outright. A commission fee is typically 15% of the value of the item. Any items less than $1,000 will be subject to a 20% fee and items under $300 may be bought outright instead of taken on consignment.

To avoid firearms confiscation of collectables no longer required or that may be from a family members deceased Estate needing to be secured, please contact us to arrange to take them on your behalf and organize the permits and transfers required.

Firearms laws and regulation in Australia differ from State to State and sometimes become difficult to interpret. Certain types of weapons maybe licenced in one State and not another. If you require clarification on any particular item please contact us for assistance. One consistency is that firearms may only be transferred or sent through a licenced Dealer to Dealer, locally and Interstate.

Please note all sales transactions for firearms carried out through this Website must be transferred to a buyers nominated dealer and their licence details provided prior to despatch. Once received by your dealer and have the relevant Permit to Acquire, you may then arrange to collect and take possession of the firearm. If you require any additional information in respect to purchasing a firearm please contact your local State Firearms Authority.

Adding More Products & Interesting Features

Please come back soon and view our shop as we will be updating and adding new products and categories to our pages weekly. We are also anticipating  having a Journal Page with interesting features discussing our latest restoration projects including an old antique Winchester 1873 Carbine, Colt 1911 US Army semi-auto and two replica pistols.

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